All apps for Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston


A fresh game about the zombie apocalypse, which is implemented in the format of a classic platformer, which will certainly cause nostalgia for most fans!


A new puzzle, or more precisely, the continuation of a rather popular and extraordinary project, which definitely deserves a place on your smartphone!


Have you ever thought about fighting the moon? This very strange and frankly quite useless idea is realized in this game, we look!


A puzzle in which we will again be given a ball to roll, only the world around is voluminous and very cunning, literally adjusting to you, it's interesting!


Moving away from the usual genres, you can do something soothing, like fishing! It is for these purposes that this game is created, which is positioned as a simulator.


A new puzzle game that, in addition to the game of attentiveness and reaction, is ready to offer us even a bit of dynamics! In fact, an excellent combination, I recommend to take a look!


Classic quests in the ribbon! And, it is worth noting that this time the rates are very high, it is a question of a global apocalypse, you will have to survive in it!


A game for those who like knives and games with them, which of course is hard to associate with applications on android, but the developers have tried and were able to do at least something!


Quite a canonical game, which can be called a teaser for a whole era, which is not far off, an era when even on Android there will be powerful and serious projects!


Strange arcades, which are based on this or that sport received a new round of evolution and acquired a novelty, which we'll talk about today.


The original mix of classic role-playing game, hardcore platformer and jumpers, which is sure to please all fans of classics and similar projects.


Cool fighting game, which, maybe not like the archaic fans of the classics, but surely suitable for all who love a fresh look at the games and what happens in them.

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