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Classic, Stickman, demons, platforming and a little rave - that's what awaits you in this game, which can be safely attributed to the category of fighting games, to which it gravitates most.


Interesting and even a little classic game in the genre of Tower Defense on your android, in which you will deal with the defense of precious stones, which everyone wants to steal!


Another, albeit not the newest vision of the apocalypse that is available for your androids in the format of the riddle, where your hero will be saved from a huge wave!


Attempts to imitate large and successful projects do not always end badly, in any case this is a very good occasion for development, an example of which was this game;)


Loud name and rather unusual approach to the usual things ... somehow you can describe a new game in which you have to manage with a motorcycle and take off on the steep ski jumps!


A new game that will send you to a somewhat simplified world of racing, which frankly sounds more like a rider, but there's a brake pedal, so it's not anymore ...


Continuation of the brilliant series of games, which will surely please you with new illustrations and original puzzles, non-standard and very interesting!


Returning to the origins of the gaming industry, it's hard not to recall the genre as "arkanoid", which was represented by one of the very first computer games in the world!


Arcade, which could well be good fighting games, but still did not, they continue to storm mobile platforms, here is another contender;)


Before us is almost a classic scrolling shooter, however, we will not get under our control another fighter or a heaped spacecraft, we get a space lama ...


An original and very interesting arcade in which you need not only to think, but also be very careful, thinking over each new move, can you do it?


A very simple trick that will show you how you can get more than a million downloads, nothing is coming up with almost nothing to create ... but the idea Like! Look what happened here;)

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