Sony Xperia E
Version: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: 1 GHz Cortex-A5
Display: 3.50", 480x320
Dimensions: 113.5 x 61.8 x 11 mm

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This game is a regular ride to the part of developers to build a androila for something adult and decent, that's just judging by the current implementation is hanging by a thread ...


Fresh scrolling shooter which at first glance has the potential to move the leaders of this ancient genre, if I can just - that is the question!


Very simple but very entertaining game that can, and most likely ready to take you for a long time, just remember, it is a regular clicker, this genre is not for everyone!


Squares, simple and classic - this is the motto of this game! In some ways it resembles a well-known Tetris, but slightly modernized and matured, so look!


In this game you have to get out of the gloomy house with ghosts, in fact it is a quest, not only in the classical interpretation of the genre, in any case - look at what's what.


Oh runner, runner ... you are all the same! And this is no exception !!! Just yesterday, you can read a review like the game, and now, today, in your court something very similar;)


Autumn - time runner, probably not only developers, but the owners are trying to get away from the androids something this time manage to be a cyborg futuristic in unusual places.


Again runner! This time will be engaged in a rather simple but very useful task - to collect carrots for the rabbit, which is preparing for the winter and restock ...


Developer Creative Mobile has prepared for the owners of the androids and iOS continuation of one of their hits, the game Road Smash, the first part of which enjoyed high popularity ...


The novelty in the genre of Tower Defense, which is slightly different from the usual canons of the genre, so I suggest to look at the game and appreciate how good it is.


New shooter, whose actions take place on the spacecraft and unseen planets will have to fight through with beetles ... Starship Troopers some! Anyway - take a look!


What can you say about a classic platformer? The first thing that comes to mind - the game platform Dendy, such as the famous Mario, the name of this game already seems to be ... but that's not all!

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