Sony Xperia E
Version: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: 1 GHz Cortex-A5
Display: 3.50", 480x320
Dimensions: 113.5 x 61.8 x 11 mm

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All apps for Sony Xperia E


Classic of all time - the game Snake, which was a new format, it is now online and is very similar to another very popular design with the prefix .io;)


Continuing the theme of "shadows" on our smartphones I found a continuation of one of the first and one of the most popular projects of similar subjects, welcome Vector 2!


The second part of the adventure in a world full of shadows and dangers, rather trivial, but still very interesting platformer, which is worth to spend a little of your time!


Very unusual clicker that anyone prepared previously unknown developers' indie project "format, which, despite everything, created a furor among users in Korea;)


New arcade game from already known to us developers ready to please us with fresh emotions that you are sure to experience, because everything that happens here is extremely difficult!


Another shooting range, which, unlike many games in this genre have not tried to apply a cool shooter, the developers simply do not deny that you have to stand and shoot ...


Quite unusual and very beautiful puzzle game for your android, where you have to help the sweet robot to go home, solving at the same time exciting challenges!


The whole world is watching the election race in the United States, which is preparing to elect a new president. However, some developers have decided to take part in it;)


Another jumper, who can make you happy, not only dynamic gameplay, but interesting feature, which differ in almost all projects from these developers;)


We do not have time to calm down passions attempts golf simulation on Android as a new game, and believe me, no simulation, we here in general very little golf!


Puzzle continue to surprise all users of Android, and this was no exception, although something like that, we have already seen, however, a very interesting game!


New platformer that is very reminiscent of the classics of the genre, which we met in the 8-bit format, as well as a 16-bit, which is generally a very happy!

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