Sony Xperia E
Version: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: 1 GHz Cortex-A5
Display: 3.50", 480x320
Dimensions: 113.5 x 61.8 x 11 mm

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All apps for Sony Xperia E


Armored vehicles, rocket launchers, fierce battles as you think ... what does all this have sheep? As demonstrated by this game - directly, because it is their war!


Another strategy is already bored format that specifies the most popular game genre - Clash of Clans, but this project does not attempt to look up and gives great hope!


Bright and juicy strategy with the application for simulation of trade relations, which you will deploy on the beautiful island, we construct a maritime empire, who for?


New RPG for android that is made on the principles of all long familiar - the world of fantasy, simple battle on a separate playing field ... do not like? Maybe so, but look at it in more detail.


Simple and straightforward game with a simple-looking gameplay, which is a bit more complicated than at first sight - something like that can describe this game, or rather - for the second part of the game!


Fresh game from Disney, which finally depart from the theme with Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, leaving us in the fire and water, and on the plane! Anyway, it's definitely worth to evaluate than are going to do;)


The second game in the style of minimalism about the point, to be more precise, it is the most common clicker that will suit only to kill a few extra minutes while waiting.


The second game of the aforementioned developer, which they dubbed the simulator truck, said much, but still something of a simulator there is, and all fans of Tetris game fit;)


Today, you will find two games from developers PlayMobileFree.com, and perhaps I'll start with the classics - a vertical scrolling shooter involving aircraft with such games, we are perfectly familiar;)


Space shooter that takes you into space and allow to fight with different and may even be familiar enemies, ready to shoot and fly? Start the engine!


Today we have a race with a very strange and annoying name, but will not meet on clothes, I suggest to unpack the game and see what she has to offer. Getaway


Take part in the mini world championship in the new races for android, then rounded animation and slightly chubby cars, but whether it is so important compared with the roar of engines?

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