All apps for Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1v


Gloomy role-playing game, which is sure to interest all fans of the genre by offering a classic gameplay, which is collected from several components!


The game, which tried to combine two disparate genres - racing and football ... frankly very strange, but beautiful, fast and fun!


Role-playing game that tried to combine several genres, and quite successfully coped with it! Let's see how this happened;)


A new puzzle game that is ready to verbally verify your stock at the same time, offering you an interesting gameplay and a very good design, which is quite important today.


The new platformer for those who appreciate tradition and classic! So, if you are willing to go to the dark and gloomy dungeons under the afterlife music - swing and enjoy!


If you take the genre Tower Defense, it is worth asking what is more important, the gameplay or appearance? Of course, the gameplay, this is what here and counting ...


Classic scrolling shooter, which is put on the side, so that he became the horizontal! More than just a game reminiscent of the classic games pixel, hi nostalgia!


Fresh bicycle simulator for android! Incidentally, the release of the game took place in late 2016, so it's a very modern design, absorbed all the chips and platforms as possible;)


After some recovery, most of the new clickers decided to go back to basics, offering a primitive, but addictive gameplay, as in this case.


Shorty, fat and the high go to hell ... no, this is not the beginning of a joke, it was a beginning of this game, which is definitely not suitable for all players;)


If you are looking for a dynamic and crazy game - that's it! More madness than I do here in few places meet, so if you are ready to plunge into chaos - Getting Started!


Horror, which reached a new level, offering a rather unusual for this genre of gameplay, in addition, on the android! If fear is your second "I" - swing!

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