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A fresh zombie game that will show you one of the options for the development of the world after the zombie apocalypse, which, apparently, happened once again ...


The new rider, which is difficult to call casual, it is very complex and at the expense of this approach a very narrow audience, so I propose to see a new round of insanity;)


A new retro arcade from a famous developer, what could be better? However, let's see what's interesting to us at this time, it's very important!


So we got to the point that the world-famous Stickman now became a member of the strategy for your android! Let's see what new and interesting this character will be able to give us!


The game format is "alchemist", which succumbed to the fashion for casual projects, so it does not require any knowledge from you and will not make unnecessary demands, just have fun!


A new game for the android that will surely catch many, especially those who like to extract treasures and enjoy diving! In any case, this is exactly what will be discussed!


A funny quest about a nice ghost, which fell into a trap, however, our task is to release him! If you do not believe, then the ghosts are good;)


Strategies, quests, puzzles ... all this bothers and in such moments it is worth paying attention to projects simpler, positive casual games, for example like this;)


Excellent arcade game in which you will run into space balls and manage, trying to avoid collisions with various obstacles, which will be in abundance.


Many of you have heard about a very, very strange show in Japan, where people get up unusual and even demeaning things ... This game is a simulator of one of these shows!


Subject gravity games repeatedly raised, particularly in the Arcade, so if you are interested in it - I recommend to pay attention to a new project in this subject!


The original arcade game that will launch you into space, at least, try, and you have to learn from this maximum value and perform all the tasks!

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