Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7227A, 1Ghz
Display: 4.00", 800x480
Dimensions: 63.1x121.5x10.5 mm

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Action for Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos


Developers who have made a game about a toilet decided to release a "bagel" ridiculous, is not it? However, they turned out not quite bad, so I suggest a look.


And another role-playing game, which unlike the previous try to capture your beautiful picture and "card" gameplay, whether we like it?


Another role-playing game that has a classic eight-bit style, and is ready to reward you for hours of gameplay with humor and quite interesting characters, check it out!


Fresh role-playing game, which will allow us to be in another world of fantasy and try to put things in order there, but is it worth it to do? Let's see ...


Fairly well-known developers Kabam made a new game, to call it a full-fledged RPG hard, they got something like a role-playing adventure reminiscent of the quest ...


The game, which will allow you to plunge into the world of ancient battles and prove themselves, defending their country from a lot of variety of enemies attacking from all sides!


This game came a little before the official premiere of a new film about the Avengers and it seemed was to stir the interest of the target audience, but whether it has turned out?


The world went dark again, so that all owners of androids time to take on a new role-playing game, which will compete with the very darkness and win it if enough patience;)


Future extinction, robots, monsters, space, slasher and a little theme from the anime ... it's all waiting for you in this game, plus the entire dynamic gameplay and a lot of levels;)


If someone loves you Rahner and the famous Lara Croft, this game is insanely you like it, because it combines these two entities into a single application for android;)


Again pensioners go on the warpath with the monsters, this topic is pretty corny, but I suggest taking a look at the game, maybe something interesting in it so there!


Very simple, platform RPG has found a great response in the hearts of many owners of Android and iOS, I propose to look exactly what it has attracted everyone's attention and that her good.

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