Action for Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos


Attempts to imitate large and successful projects do not always end badly, in any case this is a very good occasion for development, an example of which was this game;)


Advanced shooter, which got the platform roots and graphics in the style of silhouettes, which is often associated with savings, but not this time, which means it will be interesting!


A new role-playing game, released in the genre of "strategy" with clearly predominant elements of the role-playing game, offers us to go to the future and take part in the war of robots!


Great game, which is inscribed in all that is possible from several genres! I suppose it can replace a lot of players, several applications, it is convenient!


Pixel, but still the original role-playing game in which you will find not only an interesting story, but addictive gameplay, as well as the share of nostalgia, which many do not have enough!


Gloomy role-playing game, which is sure to interest all fans of the genre by offering a classic gameplay, which is collected from several components!


If you are looking for a dynamic and crazy game - that's it! More madness than I do here in few places meet, so if you are ready to plunge into chaos - Getting Started!


Another representative of role-playing games, which is ready to compete with most of the hits of this genre, so, let's see what interesting things we offer at this time.


Classic is still around, oddly enough, even this! So do not be surprised when installing the game you will see a monochrome screen and shades of gray ...


Black Dragon knows no mercy. He came here to destroy this world, killing everyone in its path. Gather your team and prove to him that much more welcome!


Another variation on the theme of basketball, only this time it is not any simulation, and the team you will not have only one goal and one opponent, but it was fun!


The new role-playing game, made in the style of "retro", according to the story that we have to go down into the mine for treasures and other secrets hidden in their depths!

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