Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7227A, 1Ghz
Display: 4.00", 800x480
Dimensions: 63.1x121.5x10.5 mm

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Action for Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos


For those who like a wide road and allowing it to get up to mayhem will surely enjoy this game because it is lawlessness on the road and you'll be doing!


We have become accustomed to unusual games from the developers of Ketchapp and this was no exception! Unlike many, this is not the runner, so get ready for something new, or not?


Continuation of the game, the beginning of which the owners of Android and did not see ... but it's like a sequel, which is intended by the developers became even better!


All sorts of variations on the theme of the genre MOBA for Android received a very warm welcome from the users, so we offer to evaluate another representative of the genre.


Today, we once again came across a game that is made on the basis of Minecraft, but now is not the runner, not a sandbox or even race a full-fledged zombie shooter!


Fresh attempts by successive developers jostle unique genre MOBA on the android, I propose to look what came of it and see the game in some detail.


Another game from Netmarble Games, only this time it is role-playing, so be prepared to fight evil in all its forms, drove?


New runner who claim to some of the original due to many factors, such as registration and submission of all history, so if tired of uniformity - swing!


Returning to the theme of zombies in this game you will be offered to enter into a bloody battle with them, and to show courage and perseverance that are uniquely useful here!


The new "flat" role-playing game for the android from the same genre, which for some reason has become very popular the last few years, we'll see what this will please its implementation.


The next game of the modern stream that looks cool, cool to play and even deprived of an interesting story, however, is not without its flaws quite logical.


Austrian developers have decided to make all holders of androids fighting arcade, featuring Stikmana already famous, and we all know where he is, there is action!

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