Kik messenger

Kik messenger

The app is compatible with your device Samsung Galaxy S3
Kik messenger
Kik messenger
The app is compatible with your device Samsung Galaxy S3


kik messenger - Newest IM - messenger who frantically increasing popularity in the world. This was the start apom is a person who has taken part in the essence of Blackberry Messenger. And the concept is slightly different from KIK other IM - customers. The firm made the personal approval of a change of SMS - messages. Simple client that permits currently send text only news. Any news has a status - sent, delivered, read ... Pretty handy application that would prefer to any user.

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2011/10/29 08:46
Comments (27)
  • (guest)
    2015-02-11 01:39:37 + -2 -
    Can someone please help me every time when I register it keeps saying try again later and it annoys so can someone please help me I would really like that
  • kiara (guest)
    2015-01-08 01:31:36 + 0 -
    Zofia would you help me log on to kik
  • kiara (guest)
    2015-01-08 01:29:30 + 0 -
    I keep logging on to kik and it keep saying try again later and I wonder what am I doing wrong so , would some one please help me get on it . I want it because everyone else have Web it so please post me back and it someone have it want to help me I will love it and I would ask you to be my friend on here
  • zofia (guest)
    2014-12-25 13:53:57 + +1 -
    I think kik is the BEST ever.
  • keke (guest)
    2014-12-11 18:14:49 + +2 -
    • zofia (guest)
      2014-12-25 13:54:58 + 0 -
  • marmaduke_29oå (guest)
    2014-12-06 16:35:48 + +1 -
  • nalinichappell (guest)
    2014-11-16 21:28:23 + 0 -
    Hi all
  • alyssa (guest)
    2014-09-22 02:20:37 + 0 -
    Hi all
  • ttt (guest)
    2014-08-09 06:34:38 + +1 -
  • Smiley (guest)
    2014-08-07 09:21:14 + -2 -
    Wow its sooo cool! I think that KIK is everything its just like whatsapp and all the other cool apps! Well Done Kik!
  • like (guest)
    2014-06-24 11:25:09 + +1 -
    i really like kik but when i try to log in it says login failed - try again in a bit. I try again after so long and it says the same thing. I try again and again and it keeps saying that same thing, what went wrong???
  • kobe (guest)
    2014-06-14 17:24:00 + -1 -
    The kik won't let me make a account but other than that it is great
  • norm (guest)
    2014-04-19 17:13:48 + 0 -
    I love kik its awesome, but their r also many mean ppl
  • BabyLove2002 (guest)
    2014-03-09 20:58:57 + -1 -
    I love kik so much!!! I am able to chat with all my best friends and u can make dancing emojis!!! It is really fun!!! No other app can do what kik can do!!
  • wild lion (guest)
    2014-03-07 16:54:55 + 0 -
    i like it ...
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