Theme Park

Theme Park

The app is compatible with your device Samsung Galaxy S III mini
Theme Park
Theme Park
The app is compatible with your device Samsung Galaxy S III mini


Finally, and Android users can enjoy this wonderful game, which appeared on a par with such giants as Sim City, only slightly narrower profile here. You start as usual with an empty field and some seed money, then you need to properly allocate their investments in rides and attendants, most importantly - happy visitors. As your fleet you will be asked to build similar in other, larger cities, the larger the city - so visitors capricious, and the more of them, go for it!
The path to the cache: sdcard / Android / obb

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2012/11/01 14:12
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Samsung Galaxy S III mini

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Version: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: 2x NovaThor U8420 1.0 Ghz)
Display: 4.10", 800x480
Dimensions: 121.6 x 63 x 9.9 mm

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