Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash

Attention, the app is not compatible with your device Samsung Galaxy S I9003
Sonic Dash
Sonic Dash
Attention, the app is not compatible with your device Samsung Galaxy S I9003


Landscapes and characters in the game look just fine thanks-developed 3D graphics, so that will delight limitless! Run, jump, dodge and destroy all enemies in its path. Do not forget to collect coins. When you have collected a sufficient amount, you can improve the ability of Sonic and get special features, such as a super start, magnetic rings, increase the rate of increase of energy for super acceleration and its duration. You also have the opportunity to play not only Sonic, but his friends, such as Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, etc. Feel the adrenaline of incredible speed and running on a twisting tracks. Understand once and for all with nasty Sassy. New adventures await you!

Features Sonic Dash:

  • The New Adventures of Sonic and as always the insane speed!
  • Excellent, bright and colorful graphics in high resolution!
  • Exciting battle with enemies and evil boss Sassy!
  • Variety of playable characters, in addition you can play Sonic and his friends!
  • Use the incredible features Sonic, which will help him dodge the obstacles, accelerate to insane speeds and effectively destroy your enemies!
  • Collect rings and improve the performance and ability of Sonic.
  • Follow the mission, run as long as possible and earn maximum points, for which you get a lot of prizes and be able to open new characters.
  • Share your achievements with friends on social networks and invite them to the game.
  • The application is constantly updated, is still a lot of new content!

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Samsung Galaxy S I9003

Samsung Galaxy S I9003 Version: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Processor: TI OMAP3630, 1000Mhz)
Display: 4.00", 800x480
Dimensions: 64x122x10 mm

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