Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean Master
Clean Master


What does the program Clean Master?

  • can clear your cache
  • remove unused or left over files
  • easily podotret all search history
  • needless to cope with the removal of the application
  • stop running tasks to free up memory
  • With a little work with a battery to extend the time on one charge

In general, we have as many as six functions which are combined into one convenient and effective program. Moreover, you'll notice that it works, your android will be much faster and gets there, it will increase the work, and all sorts of lags thing of the past.

If you analyze all the details of these processes, it is easy to understand that the same search history is megabytes or even gigabytes of data which is just stored in your device, no matter only slowing it down. Removing anything from the personal data you are concerned about their privacy because each time using a service associated with other people you submit personal information in a particular format. From cleaning the current problems and everything is clear, they frankly clog memory, and this is number one on the list of why things can slow down and why so quickly spent battery. As for working with applications - there is even easier, delete, copy the card, back up, whatever that means, and standard, just a bit faster and more comfortable.

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2013/09/19 10:13
Comments (13)
  • ajay (guest)
    2014-04-08 12:13:11 + 0 -
    i need c cleaner
  • rahman (guest)
    2014-03-06 20:02:00 + 0 -
    very good
  • farid (guest)
    2014-03-06 20:00:51 + 0 -
  • miqi (guest)
    2013-12-06 08:46:54 + -1 -
    I prefer the  Toolwiz Cleaner.
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