Pool Live Tour

Pool Live Tour

Attention, the app is not compatible with your device LG Optimus One P500
Pool Live Tour
Pool Live Tour
Attention, the app is not compatible with your device LG Optimus One P500


It's an incredible game of billiards is played over two million players almost every day, is finally available on Android-and the number of players will only increase. Challenge their friends or join in the fight with millions of other players around the world, winning the game currency, or all sorts of trophies.

Improve your skills in single player mode or fight in a couple of separate battles, each time finding something new and increasing ambitions for this tournament. It goes through integration into Facebook, you will be able to invite their friends directly from there, so have fun ;)

The most important thing in this game - realistic physics and control, making it virtually the only one that can give you practical experience identical with reality. The same game modes in addition to expanded online games on one screen, or via Bluetooth. What will help you brighten up the time in the distant trips or anxious waiting.

In single player there are five levels, each of which will prepare you for real life situations, developing the skills and teach you all kinds of modes and accidents.

It is also an important point is the billiard cue, so that you will be available to choose from a huge number of them, they are made in a completely different styles, such as steampunk, classic, pixel art, and many others, so pick your perfect and submit to conquer the hole!

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2013/08/11 16:53
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LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500 Version: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Processor: 600 MHz ARM 11)
Display: 3.20", 480x320
Dimensions: 113.5 x 59 x 13.3 mm

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