LG Optimus L7
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7227A, 1Ghz
Display: 4.30", 800x480
Dimensions: 67x125.5x8.8 mm

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Shooting for LG Optimus L7


Continue not the most common theme of dinosaurs another developer will ask you to try to survive in the invasion of these ancient creatures, let's see what you get!


Again, the zombies! Again shooting! If you are not tired of the games of this genre, then pay attention to this variation struggle of humanity for survival in the apocalypse ...


Funny game about the food chain and survival in the body of water in which you occupy the last place, and each counter is ready to eat you for lunch ... overpower? :)


New game about the sniper! It's hard to say that it at least something I was surprised, but still recommend taking a look at it for those who do not miss the opportunity to shoot!


Continuation of the first part is quite realistic shooting range for android, shooting ranges, of course tired, but this game is made with good applications for realism, so worthy of our attention!


In this game you have to fight against the birds! Not everyone will be decided on this because users android birds usually love, but it is still a great shooter and I recommend to read it!


As we soon becomes clear by name, this game will give us the opportunity to become a sniper and shoot straight at their enemies, let's see how to get this shooter ...


Back to basics! Once upon a time, many people played and similar prefixes Dendy, alternatives then almost was not, and one of the most popular games was shooting at the ducks ...


Another action involving zombies, only this time the developers have been able to take into account most of the errors of competitors, so the game was of sufficient quality and worth a visit!


Zombie apocalypse, shooting ... from both of these concepts and their sum is blowing terrible boredom and almost guarantees that they will not be original, but there are exceptions, as in this case!


A simple game that is ready to take you a little time and help pass it, made on the basis of defensive shooters and shooting range, only easier and something fun.


The next opportunity to shoot from the developers who love zombies, namely FT Games, so we'll see what we are waiting for the shooter this time ...

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