LG Optimus L7
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7227A, 1Ghz
Display: 4.30", 800x480
Dimensions: 67x125.5x8.8 mm

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Shooting for LG Optimus L7


If so, and talk about the classic space shooter, then the developer must also be a classic example NAMCO, they really a lot to know about classic games!


Zombie Shooter !!! And no, it's not just another shooting, which sprung up too much! Developers simply took up the idea and made a shooting gallery had this game, it is worthy of our attention!


Pretty original game that combines several genres! Then you and the strategy and tactics, and an arcade, on the whole everyone can find something of their own and be sure to fall in love with this project!


Present to you the powerful zombie shooter! In fact, an ode to the humane violence which is more than appropriate to carry out over the bodies of the walking dead! Shoot and save your life!


Classic shooter that takes place in a 2D space, you control a spaceship ... agree, already, but these games do not happen!


Spirit of the Wild West and a lot of shooting - this is what awaits you in this game, it is a pity that the platformer, but quite high quality, at first sight ... but really ...


The most unusual hunting in your life will be with this game, that's just the developer - Glu, and many people know what it is, let's see if it will work this time as usually happens ...


Perhaps some of you have already begun to forget the good old games about zombies ... a joke of course, but nevertheless, here's another game about the walking dead, that must be killed in large numbers!


Space shooter that somehow nothing new will not be able to show you, because it's timeless classics, once again tries to return to its former glory.


Another attempt to make a shooter with a first-person game that's over this, a review that you can read on, it is highly recommended that before installing ...


The classic space shooter, made even more classic 2D style game is not the most original, but has a whole battery of fans and those to whom it will be interesting!


Set of blood from flying limbs, brain, and other abominations, not a lot of what the game is, you can afford! But in this case, everything is permitted, so that hunting zombies declared open!

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