GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

The app is compatible with your device LG Optimus L7
GTA: San Andreas
GTA: San Andreas
The app is compatible with your device LG Optimus L7


Hi all my friends!

And today I have great news for fans of the series GTA, the company introduced the world Rockstar games mobile version of the most popular games of the 2000s GTA San Andreas.

Overall, the game was completely copied from an older version, but the features are still present, try to understand everything in order.

Gta San Andreas game in the genre of Action, is the third in a row and the fifth part of the series in the line of all projects. The first launch of the game took place on the console Plastation February 26 October 2004. On the Xbox and PC game came later, June 7, 2005.

The storyline is very diverse and consists of many important missions, which are located in different cities. Each mission is complemented conversational scenes between the characters, so you can fully penetrate into the plot.

The action takes place in 1992 during the heyday of crime. You have to manage Carl Johnson, probably the full name does not seem familiar to you, but with a nickname, things are different, CJ, that was the name of the hero during all episodes. CJ - African American, at age 25, he returned to Los Santos after five years in Liberty City.

Of course he needs a job, and then he decides to contact with gangs to engage in serious cases.

Gameplay has retained all the usual features Grand That Auto, it's the same third person view, with elements autosimulator in a huge world to explore. Protagonist can walk, run, jump, climb and even swim. To defense, you can use a weapon or unarmed combat. If you need to move faster, then you have the whole city, teeming with cars, motorcycles, yachts and many others.

Completely open world lets you navigate through three different locations: Los Santos San Fierro Las Venturas, where you can engage in any activity whether it be work or skirmish. Of course, just run around the city quickly bored, and for this there is a storyline, as I said, it consists of separate missions, after passing which you get certain skills, money, and most importantly credibility.

Robbery, assault or skirmish pretty quickly attract the attention of the police, with each star you start hunting for more police, so be on guard!

Besides missions in the game there are mini games and activities, so you can try yourself in the role of a taxi driver or other work, in addition to that, you can go to the gym, play basketball or get right on car or motorcycle technology.

As you know the state San Andreas is very large, so Rockstars added radar showing the main event. For example, your house, when in the course in which you can save the game.

Compared with preryduschimi parts, San Andreas supports personalization hero, so you can change clothes and accessories that you can buy in stores of the city. Also available change hairstyle and tattooing in the cabin.

To priyulizit game developers have added to the reality of medicine now to always be in the form you have to eat right. Now food intake and exercise affect the muscles and the appearance of the hero and skills cootvetstvenno

In connection with a huge selection of vehicles, added the possibility of tuning, when you can just repaint the car as well as install nitrous oxide and hydraulics.

Crime in the game occupies the main part of the storyline, for example to make a profit you have to capture areas hostile gangs, then as long as possible to keep their positions.

Another feature is the possibility of burglary, for this you need a truck and a small team. Loot can be exchanged for real money, and for successfully executed robbery you get bonuses.

As for the arsenal of weapons, it is huge and offers a variety of species ranging from brass knuckles and ending with a flamethrower.

Soundtrack is offered in a variety of musical compositions taken from that time period, so you will hear in cars snop dogg, 2pac, Dr Dre, Ozzy Osbrourne and many others.

Well, now I come to the most important feature of a mobile version of the game.

Rockstar Games understood that the current mobile processors capable of a lot, so they have improved and detailed graphics for mobile devices. Resolution of the game also supports high-resolution screens. Were also added dynamic shadows, expanded color palette and increased the range of drawing area.

Now let's talk about management, the game was fully optimized to work with touch screen, you will be available several modes, as the developers promise to support controllers, which is a logical move.

The game is now available in stores major operating systems, Android, IOS, Windows Phone.

On this I have everything!

Thanks for watching, good luck to all!

Cache: sdcard / Android / obb #! 8AFXkDZC! PlFkfkAsFmIfQvHT7uuSn2UEgK8FDSWYH9LFV80t4CY

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2013/12/19 15:35
  • julianic (guest)
    2014-10-18 14:44:57 + 0 -
    gta san andreas existe t-il sur nokia xl?
  • julianic (guest)
    2014-10-18 14:44:06 + 0 -
    est-ce que celle existe sur nokia xl?
  • Miraj (guest)
    2014-10-01 22:21:33 + 0 -
    I had download san andreas on xperia m2 but it's not working... When i put mine account in the beginning the screen turns black and that's all...what can i do for that?? Help me plz plz miss call +918820958335
  • malakas (guest)
    2014-09-24 20:33:02 + 0 -
    I had download san andreas on xperia m2 but it's not working... When i put mine account in the beginning the screen turns black and that's all...what can i do for that?? Help me plz
  • surender singh (guest)
    2014-09-24 15:20:30 + +2 -
    Hello friends if uyou have any problem regarding of play gta on android devices you can tell me and after than I solve this problem
    • mastan ali (guest)
      2014-10-04 20:44:27 + 0 -
      Hi bro please tell me how to install in lava iris 406q please tell me bro
  • hazim (guest)
    2014-09-20 12:21:14 + +1 -
  • balen (guest)
    2014-09-16 15:00:41 + +1 -
  • sandhu-982 (guest)
    2014-09-15 18:27:32 + +1 -
    m chek for my phon.comnt back
  • rahul (guest)
    2014-09-14 12:36:12 + +1 -
  • laxmi (guest)
    2014-09-13 19:32:56 + -1 -
    love it
  • laxmi (guest)
    2014-09-13 19:22:03 + +1 -
    i like this game very much
  • brahim (guest)
    2014-09-13 16:32:24 + +1 -
  • arsh (guest)
    2014-09-12 13:57:58 + -1 -
    What it download in Samsung grand neo
  • hari (guest)
    2014-09-12 07:57:09 + +1 -
    Nice Game love it
  • manish (guest)
    2014-09-06 12:43:32 + +1 -
    love it
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