CSR Racing

CSR Racing

The app is compatible with your device LG Optimus G
CSR Racing
CSR Racing
The app is compatible with your device LG Optimus G


When you start to drive the first thing that caught your eyes this graph, it is stunningly beautiful, it is difficult to meet for android and not surprised, but anyway - here it is, here, it is real. As well you will find a lot of interesting and beautiful cars, of which you still have to squeeze all the juice. Needless to each car can be tuned, and the tuning affects everything from the suspension to the engine, so you can change the look of the car, causing him their paintings or other labels.
Way to Kesha: android / obb

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2013/04/16 10:25
Comments (60)
  • nice (guest)
    2013-10-12 01:11:04 + -1 -
    first install the apk then dont open ... install a ES file explorer then open the zip and extract to choose path sdcard/Android/obb after tou extract you can play the game
  • yes (guest)
    2013-05-21 13:18:30 + +1 -
  • sid (guest)
    2013-04-17 18:10:47 + 0 -
    hey guyz  .. please anyone let me.. where to put this zip file data ???? please i want to play this game please
  • good guest (guest)
    2013-04-16 17:23:47 + +1 -
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LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G Version: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: Qualcomm APQ8064, 1500 Ghz)
Display: 4.70", 1280x768
Dimensions: 68.9x131.9x8.44 mm

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