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A new arcade, performed in the classical style, which implies pixel graphics and rather complex gameplay, if you like it - I recommend to see;)


An amusing casual game that assumes that you have a good reaction and ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment. Ready to rebuild?


So we just do what we write and read about games, and how do you like it - try yourself in the role of a beginner developer, let's see what happens!


A fresh zombie game that will show you one of the options for the development of the world after the zombie apocalypse, which, apparently, happened once again ...


A typical platformer, which still made and decided to show us, offering to fight with another batch of evil, which enveloped the fear of an entire medieval village!


A new, fun arcade about the difficult path through the islands, between which there are no roads, however, it is you who are entrusted to build them there, and what is most important is to drive through them!


A new role-playing game, released in the genre of "strategy" with clearly predominant elements of the role-playing game, offers us to go to the future and take part in the war of robots!


The new rider, which is difficult to call casual, it is very complex and at the expense of this approach a very narrow audience, so I propose to see a new round of insanity;)


A new retro arcade from a famous developer, what could be better? However, let's see what's interesting to us at this time, it's very important!


A new puzzle in the original format, which we already met, but it's even good that at least someone backed it! How big is the developer's imagination this time?


So we got to the point that the world-famous Stickman now became a member of the strategy for your android! Let's see what new and interesting this character will be able to give us!


This game is highly recommended to all fans of the old strategies that gave rise to the genre of the RTS, because in this case it is with this classics that we are dealing!

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