Miracle Bubbles Live Wallpaper

Miracle Bubbles Live Wallpaper

The app is compatible with your device Fly IQ 245
Miracle Bubbles Live Wallpaper
Miracle Bubbles Live Wallpaper
The app is compatible with your device Fly IQ 245


Miracle Bubbles Live Wallpaper - Soap bubbles. Live wallpaper for Android.

Download Miracle Bubbles Live Wallpaper Fly IQ 245

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2012/02/20 07:40
Comments (27)
  • Ranjot (guest)
    2015-01-02 04:40:12 + 0 -
    not so good
  • ranjot (guest)
    2015-01-02 04:38:31 + 0 -
  • kiran (guest)
    2014-11-17 21:14:57 + 0 -
    it looking good
  • tito (guest)
    2012-08-25 00:25:04 + 0 -
  • thems for I5500 (guest)
    2012-08-22 12:26:31 + 0 -
    i got a samsung gt i5500 but i do not how to change themes or connect to internet with my network MTN. i think that this phone makes me mad
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Fly IQ 245

Fly IQ 245 Version: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Processor: MediaTek MT6573, 800Mhz)
Display: 3.50", 480x320
Dimensions: 61x114x12.9 mm

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