MiloTheCat Surf Challenge
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MiloTheCat Surf Challenge


Game MiloTheCat Surf Challenge is a fresh runner for android in which you are waiting for the mountain, snowboard and a cat that decided to take a ride on it. Prepared by the project for all users running android developer by the name of Christophe LE MANH HO, from France, if that. It is also worth noting that this is his first project, which obviously would be a great calling card, because the quality of the performance here on the level, and at a very high level!

As for the gameplay, here everything is quite simple and clear - the game is implemented as a runner, which is sawed into levels, it is important to monitor the smooth landing after a jump and avoid obstacles. It features the same beautiful game physics and excellent design in which there are only three colors - shades of gray for the background, a bright blue line represents the pattern of your track and a cat on a snowboard, which is made only in silhouette format, but it looks very nice! And there was this game a year ago, or even earlier, would be a sensation, but today there are Alto's Adventure game, which is not inferior to any physics or design, and produce it more well-known developers, who can afford to, and advertising and many other buns that have led to the popularity of the game, at the moment it is already downloaded by over 10 million people! So gradually it has to go immediately and disadvantages ...

Game MiloTheCat Surf Challenge fee! Trial version does not, pay a little more than a dollar and play a great game, but why pay for it if there are Alto's Adventure!? Big mistake, I think.


  • great design and a great physicist
  • a quarter of a hundred levels (like a little, but they are tough!)
  • it is hard to turn pro
  • five music tracks for you to not be bored
  • no advertising and Donato

The result: a great game, that's just paid. If MiloTheCat Surf Challenge can be downloaded free of charge, it would have struggled for their place under the sun, at the same time it will be a great fun for the units. Maybe that's the way it was intended?


MiloTheCat Surf Challenge



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2016/10/16 13:51
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