Zombies Chasing Me
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Game Zombies Chasing Me is the arcade game for Android in which you will participate in the race sprinters, that's just still there will be zombies ... good motivation, is not it? And we have prepared the game developers BoomBit Games, which recently something more active, offering us more and more new projects!

It seems to me, running and zombie theme with a very connected, because it is the main means of survival in the conditions of the apocalypse happened - to run until there are forces run away to survive, nothing fancy, but it only seems that way. Anyway, in this situation, the zombies were trained comrades, so that they, too, run, and very quickly, probably, are former Olympians ...
Gameplay was very similar to a runner, but has some differences. as in Rahner usual - then you need to run, this does not take away, especially when you consider that your hero is a sprinter. However, the whole game is divided into levels, so that there is no infinity, but believe me, some of the levels are quite capable seem like infinity, the game is very difficult! Start a zombie just a few meters from you and run at the same speed, so that every your mistake will lead to certain death, and, to escape you will be in a circular Stadionnaya track, moving between those same five tracks, and move is necessary, because the entire path will be strewn with obstacles, and the higher the level - the more obstacles! During the run, you can collect coins and stars, and the coins here are very useful, because if you fall for 10 coins, you can rewind back a little and try not to repeat his mistake, if fell a second time, it would cost 20 coins and etc. The only bonus is that theoretically you can remember all the obstacles, so that sooner or later you will be able to complete the level ... By the way, like many other games from the database developers, this game is translated into 24 different languages, so that problems arise with localization should not.

Among the shortcomings can be noted a small Donat and advertising, which sometimes occurs when you change levels, though developers advertise their other projects, so it's okay.

Bottom line: the game Zombies Chasing Me is a great arcade game, it's just really complicated, so see for yourself if you are ready to die a dozen times from the clutches of zombies in each level?


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