Rayman Adventures
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Platformer always been popular as before and today, especially if it is a dynamic and high-quality platformer, much quality at Ubisoft can not afford what they took advantage, making the third part of this exciting game and a fourth with the participation of the hero. By the way, for the fans there is good news - this is the first time you play with this hero can be downloaded for free, so enjoy!

The main feature of the gameplay of the game was kind of a mix of genres, very concise and competent, which will appeal to all, without exception. For example, it is a platformer and a runner in one person, because on the one hand we have quite final levels, which can and should go, on the other hand, our hero can not stop, so you have to wind circles on a level until you figure it all jobs. On the one hand we have the excellent action game where the main character runs, jumps, clings to various ledges and handles on the other side of each level has a very complex and intricate structure, so that it will have to explore to search for secret passages and so on, in fact, , it's amazing!

Features Rayman Adventures:

  • an excellent mixture of research and action
  • find all the stolen things and save them
  • get new abilities and use them
  • with the rescued creatures you can play and compose music
  • on the basis of his results climb trees and overtaking competitors
  • beautiful world, and fantastic animation
  • the game is translated into many languages

Weaknesses games Rayman Adventures:

  • Do Ubisoft are projects for android without Donati? In general, it is not so here it is also present.

The result: highly recommend this game to everyone, all the fans of the series and in general all, all, all, the project is very worthy, interesting and entertaining;)

Attention! The game includes a cache, the file with the name «obb» to unpack the directory sd / android / obb, a file with the name of «data» directory sd / android / data


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New in this version
It’s Summer Time in Rayman Adventures! Beach Balls have been hidden throughout the game! Collect as many as you can to earn special event Incrediballs, goodies and even a costume before the event is over.
The Rabbids are also back and have invaded the game again – look for them hiding out in every level! Keep your eyes peeled, they’re carrying Beach Balls with them… careful not to get whacked by one!
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