Cyberline Racing
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When tired of the usual ring races, and it is rather part of the process, you want a little more action, which can be achieved quite simply - mounted on a car or a machine gun pistol and allow them to be used to kick off the track unwanted enemy. Needless opponents also do not refuse to pull the trigger at the right time, so it pays to be cautious and distance ...

The case when the plot does not hurt a bit.
To justify such a chaos on the roads of the developers of the CM TA2 decided to spice up the game unpretentious plot. Actions will take place in 2086, when humanity has become so greedy that the world economy has collapsed, and the corporation took over all matters in their own hands. The entire population was divided into two classes - those who survive, and how can those who have everything and it was very boring. So there were dangerous and violent race, victory in which you can achieve recognition and respect, without which it would be almost impossible to survive. Here we are to defend the right to life on the road, sinking the gas pedal to the floor. In addition you will participate in the races and the other riders, the adequacy of which is very difficult to call it crazy, murderers and thugs simply, that fight will be very difficult. The cruel world - violent manners, as they say.

Features Cyberline Racing:

  • complete chaos on the road - rams, shooting and more
  • very interesting tracks in a variety of locations
  • a wide range of deadly weapons
  • sixteen different cars
  • sixteen opponents pass which will be very difficult
  • plenty of pitfalls and obstacles
  • It has the ability to play online and participate in PvP battles
  • Suck your car and become even more devastating
  • You can download the game for free

Weaknesses games Cyberline Racing:

  • Donata lot really a lot
  • without the Internet does not work

The result: a very nice and quite an interesting game, with little or no apparent shortcomings here and graphics and storyline and action, everything is just fine, that's just a terrible Donat very spoils the overall picture, so decide ...


Download Cyberline Racing 1.0.11131

New in this version
- Added Russian language support
- Fixed multiple bugs
general information
Version 1.0.11131
date of download 2016-12-28 09:49
The size 32.21 MB
English No
Android 0+
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4.3★ 85.92%

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2015/07/12 10:19
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