Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft
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Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft


For owners of androids this game a long time getting ready, but we are persistent - we waited! In general, it appeared on December 16, but it could just download some countries, only two days ago it became available in Europe, and many other countries, so that now everyone has the opportunity to play this wonderful game, which is positioned as "kollekitsonnaya card online game ". Despite the otstutstvie on mobile platforms for a long time (current since March 2013), it has gained more than twenty million players, most - fans of the universe Warcraft.

The gameplay here ordinary for this kind of games - at the beginning of each battle you get a standard set of cards and must beat their opponent, but with the growth of your experience and accumulation of funds that you get for winning you will be able to buy rare and exclusive cards to help in time of need and pull out the entire fight for yourself, this is the collection and important feature of the game.

In fact this genre of games completely new and surprise with something it would be difficult, but if the developers have their own universe in which hundreds of daily play millliona people, how do you think that you will find in this strategy card? Needless offers familiar characters, which is very much stirs interest. In addition, the game is made ​​very high quality, as well as any other product from Blizzard, so you can safely wait for a cool voice, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay, which involves a huge number of strategies that you have to think through before each game and during it.

Pros and features of the game Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft:

  • the universe is familiar to millions of players
  • addictive gameplay
  • game is simple at first glance difficult to distraction if you want to achieve heights
  • have the opportunity to fight against unrealistic characters or play with real people over the Internet
  • Assemble your own unique collection of maps
  • in addition battles are interesting job to pull you into the gameplay
  • the game is free and is translated into 12 languages
  • as well as a host of other advantages possessed by any product from Blizzard

Disadvantages of the game Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft:

  • by and large they do not exist and can not be, or maybe you just do not like the card?

Bottom line: a great card stategii, which should play everyone who loves the Warcraft universe, or the game of this genre, because it's a masterpiece!

To play you need to download cache path: sd / android / obb


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New in this version
* Resolved an issue where some players were unable to log in after updating.
For the full list of updates, please visit www.PlayHearthstone.com
* Pre-purchase available for Journey to Un’Goro
* Arena decks now only feature Standard cards
* We are testing an update to account creation for mobile players in a limited release
* Some optimizations were made to Android distribution allowing for a smaller install size and patching in the future
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