Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga
Papa Pear Saga


Play is very simple: identify your target, aim the Pope Pear and run it shot out of a cannon. He will fly with the speed of a cannon ball and fight your way to a fun cartoonish levels. You need along the way to gather as much fruits and bonus points to pass the level and unlock many others. The fewer moves you make and the less lost their lives, the more points you get. Join the adventure funny protagonist and shred the 100 levels of the game, which are filled with fun fruit, hazelnuts and crazy chili peppers! Immerse yourself in the world of furious and addictive gameplay! You will visit a variety of colorful locations such as Fruit Forest, the Great Pyramids, their neighborhood, and more. Invite your friends to the application and compete with each other for the highest game ball!
Please note that the application is free, but also in the application can be purchased for real money extra points and lives that task easier for you!

Features Papa Pear Saga:

  • Superb graphics that will make you jump for joy!
  • Easy, fun and exciting to play, and you can feel the spirit of competition
  • More than 100 different and unique levels
  • Check your friends place and place on the leaderboard
  • Unlock new features and bonuses passing levels
  • Boosters and amplifiers, all kinds of improvements that will help you on challenging levels
  • The application can be synchronized with a version for Facebook

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3.7★ 73.96%

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    It so finny
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