Ride has not been run on the slopes, that is, in the style of freeriding (free descent), you can go wherever you like, for that allows location. Unleash your desires, perform all kinds of tricks while running. The better and more beautiful than you skate, perform as many tricks, the more will get game currency, for which you can improve your skills and buy new equipment. Carefully choose yourself a snowboard before the race, because for every run should be selected on the basis of his various conditions. So grab your snowboard and forth, rushing down from the mountains at breakneck speed, you've wanted it!?

Features Snowstorm:

  • Realistic game physics and character movement is taken into account all the details, the weight of the athlete, the slope and elevation profiles, friction snowboard on snow.
  • Epic proportions locations, which may consist of several tracks at once.
  • Mobile Platform is a breakthrough! Feel the freedom of arrival!
  • Beautifully-designed animation games and movement of your character.
  • Realism movement in snowboarding perfectly transmitted by the fact that the developers have relied on realistic laws of kinematics.
  • Do all kinds of tricks and special moves at the time of check-in.
  • Perform a variety of missions in the process of arrival, for example, to drive the track and set a record time, to fulfill a certain number of tricks to roll on a certain route, etc.
  • More than 15 different types of snowboards, with differences in the parameters.
  • The game was involved game engine Unity3D.

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2013/10/29 12:42
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