Plants vs.  Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs.  Zombies 2
Plants vs. Zombies 2


Hello, friends!

And today we'll look at the wonderful continuation Action Strategy Plants vs Zombies 2, all from the same studio EA Games.

Yes, yes I know what you're thinking, that Fifa Soccer 14, now the strategy, it would seem the company should be one direction that it has developed as best as possible, but this is not the case, because EA is divided into several divisions and produce every project with his zest. Plants vs Zombies was no exception, so I suggest to go directly to the game.

As I said the game was a hybrid, that is, mixing several genres, namely, action, strategy and adventure, where the same without them.

Those who played the first part probably already know all about the game, but for the rest I'll start with the eskers.

So the screen is a board where there is a 5 series, all of them and at the same time the cells can be activated, so you will be able to locate their plants anywhere, but do not forget the sunflowers, they do not fight, just give suns so that you can bet on real battlefield warriors plants. Oh yeah, I almost forgot you're fighting against hordes of zombies who are very hungry and eat even your flower.

Well I gave in a few words the essence of a series of games Plants Vs Zombies.

And now for the fun part, innovations and additions in the second part.

All plants of the last part will also be added to them and the new defenders of the lawn: Boomerangs, triple flower, and a boxer.

Zombies also be updated and brought to you in Greek pirate and even a chicken.

As for the location, they will be updated so you can play on land, at sea and on the rails. And for the most hardcore players developers added an infinitely complex levels, the fate of the Pyramid, The Pirate Bay and others.

Going through the levels you will be able to collect various power-ups to open additional puzzles, so bored just do not have.

Control of the game intuitive, all actions are performed by pressing once on the screen.

The graphics and sound are made at a high level, which in our time is not particularly surprising.

Raise an army of powerful plants together in a plantation and create an ideal pace, you can absolutely free. The game is already available in Google Play, and of course has Ingame purchase. It is now fashionable and occurs at every step. Therefore, we the players have to just take it for granted. What do you think about the system of free to play? Do you like to invest directly in the game or easier to pay one time? Your answers and leave your thoughts in the comments below the video.

On this I have all, thank you for your attention!

Download Plants vs. Zombies 2


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2013/10/08 08:19
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  • tayol (guest)
    2014-08-02 10:02:20 + -1 -
    thank you for this instruction works now with my lg l4 series 2 e440...thanks a lot....
  • ERN (guest)
    2014-07-04 09:10:22 + -1 -
  • Spion (guest)
    2014-05-12 10:52:13 + -1 -
    Download the green and the blue button. Open your phone in your pc, and search te ANDROID folder. Look in there, and make 1 new folder name: obb and paste here the folder. Openit, and paste here the APK. Now, found this OBB folder in your phone, and use the APK file.
  • yhu (guest)
    2014-05-10 11:10:03 + -1 -
    why it says download failed source not found?
  • gerome (guest)
    2014-04-10 12:29:03 + +1 -
    how to install this? is this working in samsung galaxy y and armv6 processor!?
    • (guest)
      2015-03-06 05:13:12 + 0 -
      bugo ibaligya na imung samsung galaxy
  • fariq (guest)
    2014-03-19 15:08:20 + -1 -
    why? di not work ibn the galaxy y deci
  • dagz (guest)
    2014-03-14 11:57:30 + 0 -
    Trying to download hop3 it works!
  • ehtisham (guest)
    2014-02-07 20:09:09 + -1 -
    First download cache and then 6.15 mb game and then enjoy it :-)
  • english (guest)
    2013-11-17 17:26:51 + -1 -
    how to install this game?
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