Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami


All interested persons are invited to the warm waves of the tsunami, which absorbs all life and all that moves, because it's a tsunami of zombies ;) And by the way, unlike many other games, this time everything has changed, and now you play as a zombie, and your sacrifices - unfortunate survivors, which I would not envy in this case. The game is made up of people whom you bite, thereby increasing the ranks of his colleagues and turning into a veritable flood, sweeping away everything in its path. But in addition to people who sooner or later will become your victims here should pay attention to the different bonuses, they will activate the huge zombie with a laser, or even call for help UFOs!

You are waiting for an incredibly funny feeling pretty sharp and clear at the same time, you'll be excited by eating these tasty brains ;) Who will be able to gather the largest collection of zombies? Can you stop the tanks? Download it and check it out yourself!

Features Zombie Tsunami:

  • opportunity to spawn as many zombies as you can only
  • carnivore fun for the whole family
  • opportunity to play an infinite time, roughly speaking - until you lose, the rest is in your hands
  • eight exciting bonuses
  • more than three hundred missions!
  • action will take place in nine different locations around the world
  • game perfectly optimized for all versions of android

Download Zombie Tsunami


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4★ 79.94%

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2013/09/17 10:15
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Comments (47)
  • (guest)
    2015-05-13 12:21:03 + 0 -
    • ashleyasho (guest)
      2014-05-28 10:57:23 + 0 -
      amazind and fun
      • ashleyash (guest)
        2014-05-28 10:55:33 + 0 -
        amazing and very fun
        • josh (guest)
          2014-03-08 09:37:06 + 0 -
          very challenges
          • ysay (guest)
            2014-02-04 09:27:51 + 0 -
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