Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers


Your hero - Jack, the problem is self-evident - as quickly as possible to escape from the grumpy inspector, and this race goes far beyond the train! After leaving the train you encounter other problems such as passing trains, angry dogs and the same conductor, the following on your heels. Colorful and vibrant HD graphics, surfing on the boards, jetpacks, lightning acrobatics, compete with friends.

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2013/02/02 18:53

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  • ganga (guest)
    2014-08-20 22:38:22 + 0 -
    Cool game
  • CuteBoy (guest)
    2014-08-12 08:08:46 + 0 -
    Why The Temple Run 2 Can't Install On My Galaxy y ?
  • adm (guest)
    2014-06-21 23:55:54 + 0 -
    I can't downlode. on my mobile
  • altaf shaikh (guest)
    2014-06-03 23:30:02 + 0 -
    I like
  • Jeanie (guest)
    2014-06-12 15:06:20 + 0 -
    I have a Samsung galaxy ace, and this game wont upload :-(
  • nsrk (guest)
    2014-05-31 13:42:51 + 0 -
    The game was very intresting....
  • baboy (guest)
    2014-05-12 21:19:50 + 0 -
    Cannot working in a samsung why ? What problem?
  • Aryan (guest)
    2014-05-06 15:41:24 + 0 -
    Why it doesn't work on samsung galaxy ace even the android version is 2.3.6 !!!!!!!
  • mann (guest)
    2014-05-03 09:51:04 + 0 -
    very good
  • gizbert (guest)
    2014-04-16 04:34:31 + 0 -
    it's say "force to close " plsssss help lg p500 here
  • Khrasty (guest)
    2014-04-11 14:59:59 + 0 -
    Doesn't work on Andriod Versin 2.2
  • ryan (guest)
    2014-04-04 09:08:30 + 0 -
    I subway surf
  • muqarab (guest)
    2014-04-03 14:27:14 + 0 -
    thanks very much
  • Hasib (guest)
    2014-03-24 19:53:45 + 0 -
    Doesn't word on galaxy Ace
  • ali (guest)
    2014-03-20 13:34:43 + 0 -
    can it workt samsung glaxy mini gts 5570i
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