Dragon Story: New Dawn

Dragon Story: New Dawn

Dragon Story: New Dawn
Dragon Story: New Dawn


Conclusions The new breed of dragons, change their color, observe all stages of growth, from infancy to adult, discover rare species of reptiles. Since this version of the game is complemented by the continuation of the last, then there just less problems and more content, such as for all the other added 12 new dragons, which ranked as Pegasus and angel. In addition to the dragons can enjoy the beauty of the island, now here there was a second sun, added the ability to decorate its towers, castles, flowers and other habitats.

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3.94★ 78.83%

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2012/12/02 12:11
Comments (36)
  • human (guest)
    2014-01-03 15:13:13 + 0 -
    Speak English Please
  • (guest)
    2012-12-28 19:52:07 + 0 -
    piss poor game by a pisspoor developer, if you havent been playing from tyhe beginning your screwe and there is content not available to phone users, team lava, or team loser as i call them has no love for there patrons either so good luck if you need customer service....
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